MUTHA JONES – “ANTHOLOGY” – Track 08 – “It’s Been Rainin”


Track 8 - "It's Been Rainin'"

MUTHA JONES is a powerful Rock trio with big drums driving the rhythm section and fat crunchy guitars cranking out catchy, toe-tapping tunes. Sounds like Cheap Trick meets The Who!


Genre: Rock: 90’s Rock
Release Date: 2020


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Hailing from Redwood City, California, in 1993 three friends started the band known as MUTHA JONES.

James Ray (Guitar & Vocals) was ending his sabbatical from music after constantly playing shows and recording from 1980 to 1990 with his own bands HEAD ON and SYBIL. Kenny Cavin (Bass & Vocals) was just completing his projects “Secrets of Fire” and “City Jade.” Brian Vaughan (Drums), his reputation as the “Bay Area Drum Whore” and “Master of the Skins” preceding him, was perfect as the final piece to complete the picture of a hard-driving Rock and Roll Band.

Their music was sincere; they looked the part and had their hearts in the right place. When they played, you could feel the music throughout your body and soul. Fans would “Jones for their MUTHA.” Through word of mouth their popularity grew and people just wanted to see those musicians play together. This initial run ran from 1993 – 1997 during which they enjoyed a good fan base and airplay with an album to support. In 1997 the band stopped.

In 2011, after fourteen years incommunicado, James and Kenny attended a HEAD ON reunion show, each unaware that the other was going to be there. What resulted was a reincarnation of MUTHA JONES with Brian joining James and Kenny, playing shows and recording until 2015. In January of 2015, Kenny passed away suddenly, leaving an extensive group of friends, family and fans devastated.

With the RENOWN RECORDS release of “ANTHOLOGY,” featuring favorite tracks such as “Why Am I Cryin’” and “Mutha Knows,” (many of which have been re-mixed and re-mastered), devoted fans can enjoy them once more while introducing this amazing music to an entirely new set of listeners!

Genre: Rock: 90’s Rock
Release Date: 2020